Local Channels For Michigan’s Upper Peninsula Coming Soon?

According to a report on the Upper Michigan’s Source, DISH Network is poised to add local channels to their line-up, giving UP residents access to local stations such as TV 6.

According to the report, the local channels will be available for DISH Network customers to order tonight starting at 7:00 p.m. EDT.


Photo: takomabibelot

Comments in response to the news from Upper Michigan’s Source seem to indicate that some UP residents have had problems receiving their local TV channels since the cutover to digital TV. Something I can relate to here at my home since DTV seems to be a bit less “stable” than the old reliable analog signals that served us well for many decades.

I signed up for the local channel package from DISH Network a while back, mainly to receive our local ABC affiliate that is located in Manchester, NH. The terrain between our home and the stations transmission tower make it impossible to receive a reliable signal these days following the DTV transition, although we could usually count on a snowy, but watchable signal when they were broadcasting an analog signal.

Residents of the UP who are not already DISH Network customers and who would like to sign up or learn more about DISH Network can visit the DISH Network website by clicking here for all the latest information on programming packages and pricing.

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