New Whole-House DVR On Tap From DISH

The buzz around DISH Network’s new whole-house DVR system has been spreading around the net since Scott Greczkowski’s report from the DISH Network Team Summit General Assembly back around the beginning of May. Scott reported on the forum that DISH will be releasing a brand-new whole-house DVR system that sounds pretty revolutionary.

Although some DISH Network DVRs already have some capability to share its programming with another room in the house, the functionality is a bit limited and does not allow for full HD viewing in the other room. This new whole-house system which features a “main brain” unit that’s currently called a XiP 813 will allow users to enjoy HD programming in multiple rooms.

The XiP 813’s functionality is expandable due to the remote units that can be installed in other rooms of the house and allow access to programming that’s available on the 813’s three tuners as well as the programs recorded on its hard drive. The XiP 110 is the smaller client unit that users can connect to other televisions in their home for access to the XiP 813’s programming.

As with the current DVRs, viewing live programming on multiple televisions is limited by the number of tuners the unit has. The three tuners in the XiP 813 suggests that three different programs will be viewable in full HD in three separate rooms of the house at the same time, including the room where the XiP 813 is located, but this is just speculation on my part and is based on my experience with my own DISH Network DVR, the ViP 622.

With the expandability of the new whole-house DVR system, it sounds like it is easy to add other rooms to the system by adding more XiP 813 DVRs, which will be automatically shared with the rest of the system. As we have been seeing more and more in recent years, entertainment technology seems to be merging with the technology that has been used to connect computers for a number of years.

Computer networking technology like WiFi seems to be everywhere these days, including in people’s homes. It’s pretty routine stuff these days, and now it looks like frontrunners in the video entertainment industry like DISH Network will be making advances with their technology and equipment that follow the same model.

This will really change the way DISH Network customers use the service. Rather than having a DVR in one room and other DVRs or receivers in other rooms as I currently have in my home, the new centralized systems will give every room in the house an improved video experience by attaching smaller client units to individual televisions rather than worrying about installing separate DVR or receiver units with separate satellite feeds in each room. Still, each client unit will allow the great features of the DVR to be enjoyed.

Since the client units can be connected to the XiP 813 via coaxial cable, it will be easy to install these systems in the many homes that already have existing coaxial cable installed in multiple rooms of their house since this is the same cable that is used to distribute cable TV service. Since cable TV has been around for so long, even homes as old as mine – which was built in the mid 1980’s – is wired with coaxial cable in multiple rooms.

3 Responses to “New Whole-House DVR On Tap From DISH”

  1. Bob Afett

    DISH Network is always ahead of the curve when it comes to technology, this is going to set the new standard. Working for DISH Network I’ve been very excited about the release of this new receiver, and I can’t wait to get my own. This is unlike the other options from say DirecTV, where the DVR is disabled on all of the other TVs in their “Whole Home DVR” option. This is by far the superior product.

  2. Deedle

    Any word on when this will be available? I’m a longtime Dish customer who switched to AT&T uverse for whole home DVR and it is horrible.

  3. admin

    I have not heard. I guess DISH will announce it when they’re ready to let it loose.

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