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DISH Network has recently added three new channels to their Heartland programming package. Heartland is a package that’s focused on bringing family-friendly programming to DISH subscribers. Classic movies and television series are just some of what the Heartland package has to offer.

The recent additions to the package include GSN (Game Show Network), OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network) and HUB.

GSN’s programming is pretty much what you might expect considering the name of the channel. They air a variety of game shows including current and classic game shows such as “Jeopardy,” “Deal or No Deal,” “The Match Game,” “Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader?,” “Family Feud” and many more.

Since Oprah Winfrey signed off from “The Oprah Winfrey Show,” OWN or “Oprah Winfrey Network” is her primary television project. The channel airs a variety of programming which includes Winfrey’s new show entitled “Oprah’s Next Chapter.” Other programming runs the gamut from game shows to reality shows to talk shows and a lot more.

HUB broadcasts programming for young children during the daytime hours and then transitions to programming that’s geared more towards family viewing during the evening and nighttime hours. From programs such as “Pound Puppies” during the day and “Sabrina The Teenage Witch” and “ALF” at night, HUB’s family-oriented programming is a good fit as part of the Heartland programming package.

Also included in the Heartland package are channels such as Hallmark Channel, Hallmark Movie Channel, GMC, PixL, RFD-TV, Rural TV and Baby TV.

None of DISH Network’s competitors compare to the the choice of international programming that’s available from DISH. Bolstering their already impressive lineup of international channels with new South Asian programming is the satellite broadcaster’s latest move which will keep them at the head of the pack when it comes to international offerings.

Sun TV, which has an audience that encompasses some 95 Million households in India and boasts an impressive lineup of 32 popular channels, has launched four new channels that will be available to DISH subscribers immediately.Sun TV

Adithya TV (Tamil comedy), Gemini Comedy (Telugu comedy), Kiran TV (Malayalam music) and Sun Music (Tamil music) are the new channels that are now available to DISH subscribers, bringing the the total number of South Asian channels available on DISH to 92.

“We are leader in delivering TV channels from across India to those in the US seeking news, music and entertainment from their home country. Dish currently offers 92 South Indian channels, and the launch of additional Sun TV Network programming shows our continued commitment to serve the South Indian community,” Chris Kuelling, VP of international programming for DISH was recently quoted as saying.

Sun TV Network’s K Vijay Kumar was clearly pleased with this new development and indicated that the addition of these new channels on DISH will allow the company to further expand its reach in the international markets and enhance their subscription revenues.

Viewers seeking South Asian programming from their homes here in the U.S. can make no better choice than DISH for the best selection of programming available.

In a move that will boost DISH Network’s leading role as the international programming provider to beat, the satellite broadcaster has launched two new South Asian channels that will enhance their South Asian programming choices.

NDTV 24×7 and NDTV Good Times boost DISH Network’s South Asian channels to more than 80. DISH Network is currently the only national pay-TV provider that is offering these channels to the viewing public.

NDTV 24×7 is the known as the flagship English language channel from NDTV. The channel offers 24-hour news coverage, information and entertainment content from India as well as sports and entertainment programming. Some of the channel’s most-watched programs include The Big Fight, Walk the Talk and We the People.

NDTV Good Times is the first travel and lifestyle channel that’s focused on the Indian and South Asian culture with programming that features food, health, shopping, travel and more. Some of NDTV Good Times most popular programming includes Band Baajaa Bride, Highway On My Plate and The Big Fat Indian Wedding.

"We are pleased to add a premiere South Asian news channel like NDTV 24×7 and the new entertainment channel NDTV Good Times for our customers interested in Indian programming," said Chris Kuelling, vice president of International Programming at DISH. "DISH is a leader in delivering TV channels from across India to those in the U.S. seeking news, sports and entertainment from their home country. The addition of these channels shows our continued commitment to serve the South Asian community."

NDTV Good Times is available as part of DISH Network’s Hindi Mega and Masti packs. NDTV 24×7 is included in the Hindi Mega Pack, English News Pack and DISH International Basic Package.

NDTV (New Delhi Television) is a pioneer in news coverage in India and is the most watched and most respected news network in India. NDTV programs such as The World This Week, The News Tonight and India’s first 24-hour news channel Star News.

The broadcaster has 23 offices and studios across India that utilize India’s most modern, cutting-edge production, news gathering and archiving capabilities with award-winning production and creative teams.

DISH Network has recently announced an agreement with Univision which will result in the addition of new Spanish language programming available to DISH subscribers.

Univision, the leading provider of television programming for Hispanic Americans has entered into a multi-year agreement with DISH to provide expanded programming that is set to be introduced during the first half of 2012.

These additions will include new channels from Univision which include Univision Deportes, Univision tlnovelas, Univision Noticias. DISH will also offer exclusive access to Univision Deportes Dos.

Also included are Univision networks including the Univision Network, TeleFutura, Galavision as well as six TV channel offerings: Bandamax, Clásico TV, De Película, De Película Clásico, , Ritmoson and Telehit.

In addition to the new networks and channels, DISH Network’s Blockbuster @Home service will be offering thousands of hours of novelas and Spanish-language movies that will be available on-demand, allowing subscribers to watch their selections whenever they want.

"We are pleased to have reached an innovative deal with Univision for their newest channels and their primetime novelas on demand," said Dave Shull, senior vice president of Programming, DISH. "DISH is the leading provider of Latino content in the United States. This deal for exclusive linear and VOD content from Univision provides our customers with the broadest selection of top quality Spanish-language content."

This new agreement represents Univision’s first authentication partnership with a pay-TV provider, giving DISH subscribers access to Univision’s impressive offering of current prime time and library content.

This new agreement. makes DISH Network the best pay-TV choice for Hispanic viewers. DISH Network has long been the leader in international programming and this new agreement should further strengthen their position in that arena.

As I’ve mentioned numerous times in the past, DISH Network’s international programming options are the most extensive in the industry. I’ve researched the various cable and satellite services available in my area and DISH is way out in front when it comes to international programming.

DISH has recently bolstered its already-impressive international programming choices by adding five new channels from South Asian broadcaster ZEE TV. DISH has been carrying channels from ZEE TV for some time now, and with the South Asian segment of the television audience becoming one of the fastest-growing in the country, DISH is an excellent choice for viewers seeking programming from that culturally-rich and diverse part of the world.

What likely matters most to South Asian viewers is exactly what new channels have been added.

The new channels, which are currently exclusive to DISH Network, are ZEE Business, ZEE Kannada, ZEE Marathi, ZEE Smile, and Zing.

ZEE Business is a 24-hour news channel that’s main focus is business news and other programming that keeps viewers current on the latest business developments from the region. ZEE Business can be found on channel 644 for subscribers with eligible programming packages.

ZEE Kannada, as the name suggests, is broadcast in the Kannada or Canarese dialect which is spoken predominantly in the Indian state of Karnataka. The channel features a diverse collection of programming that includes reality programs, religious programs, news, non-fiction shows, dramas, movies and music programming. ZEE Kannada is on channel 643 for DISH Network customers who have subscribed to eligible programming packages.

ZEE Marathi caters to speakers of the Marathi dialect which is spoken by the Marathi people of western and central India. Programming on this new channel includes dramas, movies and reality-based programming. ZEE Marathi is currently on channel 619 and available to subscribers with eligible programming packages.

ZEE Smile is another channels with a name that’s suggestive of the programming they carry. The channel features comedy programming, some of which is rebroadcast on ZEE Smile after appearing on ZEE TV, although there is an ample supply of original programming aired as well. ZEE Smile can be dialed in on DISH Network Channel 617 for customers signed up to eligible programming packages.

Zing is a channel that has its focus directly on the South Asian entertainment and music scene. With current hit movies and popular music of the region, Zing also features behind-the-scenes programming from Bollywood, celebrity segments and fashion. Zing is a channel with its finger on the pulse of the South Asian entertainment scene. The channel has found its home on DISH Network at channel 674 for subscribers with eligible programming packages.

Offering such an extensive line-up of South Asian programing is something that is obviously important to DISH Network. Chris Kuelling, vice president of International Programming for DISH Network said: “DISH Network is proud of its history of providing the best variety of international programming in the U.S., and our extensive lineup of ZEE channels for the South Asian market is no exception. ZEE TV’s selection of channels — exclusive nationally to DISH Network — allows the South Asian population in America to connect with their home country in a way not offered by any other television provider."

I don’t have any inside information as to what other new international programming DISH may be offering in the future, but if their track record is any indication, DISH Network customers can probably expect more new programming from around the world in the not-too-distant future.

U.S.-based viewers with roots in India may be interested to learn that DISH Network has added four new channels to their international offerings.

All of the new channels are from the ETV Network, a very popular satellite network in India which features family-friendly entertainment, up-to-the-minute news, reality shows and soap operas.

Mr. K. Bapineedu, vice president of Operations of the Hyderabad-based ETV Network is quoted as saying: “Our association with DISH Network will enthrall Indian viewers by giving them the opportunity to enjoy content in their own language that mirrors their region and brings them closer to their culture. DISH Network is one of the most popular and well-respected pay-TV brands in the US, particularly for its carriage of the largest number of South Asian television channels.”

ETV Telugu (DISH Network channel 585) is now being offered in the U.S. as part of the Telugu Pack. ETV Telugu features a wide variety of programming in Telugu including drama series, reality programs, music programming, movies and more.

ETV Bangla (DISH Network channel 590) is now available as part of either the Bangla Mega Pack or the Prabasi Bengali Pack. The entertainment-focused channel broadcasts drama, non-fiction, reality shows, devotional programs, films and music-related programming 24 hours a day. ETV Bangla also includes children’s programs and other special events.

ETV Marathi (DISH Network channel 670) can be seen as part of  DISH Network’s new Maha Package  – the only Marathi-language programming package available in the America. ETV Marathi offers Marathi speakers a selection of popular programs that include a variety of subjects which include reality programming, dramas, faith-based shows, movies, music and programming for kids.

ETV Kannada (DISH Network channel 905) is now included in DISH’s Mega Pack and features entertainment programming, top-rated TV series, movies, music programs, children’s shows, reality shows and informational programming.

Two new movie channels have been launched on DISH Network recently, giving movie fans who subscribe to DISH more to choose from.

The first one is known by the name “The 3” or “The 3 From Epix,” which refers to the three decades drawn upon for the movies that are shown on the channel. Movies from the 1970’s, 1980’s and 1990’s are featured, making the new channels a sort of “classic” movie channel, but perhaps not to the level of what we might consider “classic” like some of the greats from the 1940’s, 1950’s and 1960’s.

“Providing our customers with an unmatched in-home movie experience at the best value is a top priority, and we are excited to expand our movie offerings to include titles from the broad EPIX film library," according to Dave Shull, who is the senior vice president of Programming for DISH Network.

On the other hand, those who prefer those older more “classic” flicks might be happier watching the other newly-launched movie channel. AMC HD is now on DISH and although the channel started out with an emphasis on classic movies, the type of content that inspired the name, which stands for “American Movie Classics.”

AMC still shows classic movies, but have expanded their offerings over the years and now include more variety like series-oriented programming like Breaking Bad and Rubicon.

For now, DirecTV does not offer AMC HD but is said to be working on getting it included in their line-up.

“The 3 From Epix” can be found on DISH Network channel 292, while AMC will occupy channel 130.

On August 1st, Dish Network will add 17 new HD channels to their programming line-up. This will bring the satellite broadcaster up to the 100 HD channels that were promised.

The new HD channels include ActionMax HD, CBS College Sports HD, Lifetime HD, Lifetime Movie Network HD, Planet Green HD, Encore HD, seven different HBO HD channels and four Starz HD channels.

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    “In January, we promised our customers that Dish Network would boost our national HD channel lineup to 100 by year’s end,” Eric Sahl, Dish Network senior vice president of programming, said. “Today, we are proud to say that in less than one year, not only did we deliver on our commitment, but we exceeded it.”

    In addition to the new HD channels, Dish will be introducing a new programming package called TurboHD which will consist of all HD channels.

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